aWE: a World Emulator

aWE is a highly-customizeable MMORPG that aims to provide an easily customizeable 'world' as well as an engaging user interface.
Using the power of Python, we can create a server in which items, quests, and even NPC's are created by simply instantiating subclasses of Item, Quest, or NPC classes. This allows for unparalleled power when creating or updating a world, and is thus the main feature of aWE.

You can download aWE here

aWE is still in the planning stage; the communications protocol, NPC protocol, and database layout are all aspects that have yet to be approached. There is no stable prototype for aWE yet, but when there is it will be uploaded on SourceForge for developers to examine.

If you are interested in helping design and/or implement aWE, just send me an email and we'll talk.

01/09/2007: Yeah, I know I'm a wanker/slacker/asshole, but I really have been trying to work on aWE. Still trying to get the collision detection/physics engine part worked out. The problem is that I can't bring myself to upload incomplete chunks of code, and I have a hard time sitting down and learning computational geometry so I can write the collision detection engine. I will persevere, though. As always, help would be appreciated.

09/25/2006: Okay folks, I know it's been forever. I've been busy with college and whatnot. However, work still continues on the collision detection part of aWE. Unfortunately, collision detection is far more complicated than I ever thought it would be. I'm still trying to figure out how to efficiently test for the intersection of non-convex polygons, so polyhedra are a distant dream at the moment. If anybody has any experience in this area, please email me.

04/12/2006: Hand is better. Still working on aWE. Re-coded the spatial map module in C, working on adding Python bindings. Researching dynamical simulation with ODE, adding distributed dynamic computation capabilities to aWE. Not enough for another release...

02/26/2006: I broke my hand. releases will be slowed until I can code faster. I am going to package-up the current source tree and put it up for download; obviously, not many changes have been made.

02/04/2006: Released the preliminary aWE package. You can download it here.

02/03/2006: I've been working on implementing a toy aWE server and client package. The server is coming along quite nicesly, with most of the network connection acception code complete; what remains is to add a database backend and fully implement the client/server communication protocol, as well as a basic implementation of items. Quests and eventually NPC's will hopefully follow on the release after this one (which is still pretty far off from being released itself).

The client is another story. The client may turn out to be the most complicated piece of the whole package; however, I need something that I can use to test the server, so I'll be releasing a simple ncurses-based console client. This will allow everything that a graphical client will, but won't be as pretty. Logo